Training Dept

The main purpose of training and development is to achieve the efficiency of the institution and its efficiency, improve the goods and services it provides to the community, make the employees more productive, and it is essential for institutions that seek to develop themselves with the demands of the age. Performance-oriented training is focused on productivity and its impact on the performance of workers in terms of providing them With new skills and capabilities to achieve the quality of performance the organization is looking for. Performance-oriented training depends on the close link between training programs and training needs. The training program is designed with objectives, topics, quality and level of participants, and time required for the program based on management analysis and training needs analysis. Performance of the various disciplines and levels is the overall organizational performance.


Workshops on the sidelines of the conference: The conference organizers have organized workshops held on the evening of the conference. One of the most prominent features of these workshops is that they include new topics related to the reality of Islamic financial work, and that they are managed by people with experience in the field in which they work and work. One of the main advantages of the workshop is to interact with a group of participants and experts in the field. Dealing with specialized scientific material supported by practical applications.

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