10th ECRC International Scientific Conference in Social Sciences and Humanities "Knowledge and Critical Thinking are Twins"

10th ECRC International Scientific Conference in Social Sciences and Humanities

(Knowledge and Critical Thinking are Twins)

Istanbul - Turkey

29-30/ 10 / 2019

General Introduction

ECRC organizes its 10th ECRC International Scientific Conference in Social Sciences and Humanities. Under the logo “Knowledge and Critical Thinking are Twins” the conference addresses diverse topics in social sciences and humanities. With this logo (i.e., “Knowledge and Critical Thinking are Twins”) we mean knowledge is not considered a requirement and a target unless it undergoes critical thinking. On the same line of argumentation, critical thinking that does not produce knowledge is a thinking wasteland. Whether discussing emerging topics or to revisiting recurring topics, all topics would be approached through critical thinking approach. This conference is an opportunity for researchers and others to continue the outcomes of the previous conferences and to exchange ideas in a way to enhance the concept scientific community. In addition, the logo of this conference evokes the appropriate use of past or recent topics in scientific research that support the concept of integration in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Conference Languages

In order to enable as many researchers as possible to meet, communicate and exchange experience, Arabic and English are going to be the working languages of the conference.

Tracks and Paper Submission

The conference has the following Tracks:

(a) Sharia’a, Islamic Studies and Law

(b) Social Sciences (e.g., Psychology – Education – Sociology and Social Work – Administrative Sciences – Politics and Economics – Media and Communication – Geography).

(c) Humanities (e.g., Language – History – Philosophy – Arts – architecture)

(d) Medical and health sciences (for example: medicine - nursing - medical laboratories - public health)

(e) Engineering and Science (all branches of engineering and all disciplines of science faculties)

All submissions should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. The maximum paper length, excluding references and appendixes, is as follows:

(a) Arabic paper is 10 pages (2.5″ margins on all sides, 14 Traditional Arabic, spaced 1.5 lines each, and an abstract not exceeding 100 words); and

(b) English paper is five pages (2.5″ margins on all sides, 14 Times New Roman, double spaced, and an abstract not exceeding 100 words).

All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated by a panel of experts based on originality, depth, and relevance to the conference, contributions and readability. Moreover, every paper should be focused and concise (unnecessary elaborations are not encouraged). Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Any submission should include an abstract, not exceeding 100 words. Manuscripts should follow any accepted scientific publication style in the preparing the manuscript (e.g., APA style 6thed.).  Any paper that does not follow these guidelines will not be accepted for review. All papers are to be emailed (Microsoft Word 2013) to Mr. Mohammad Adnan - Conference Coordinator on:

conference@ecrc.org.uk (along with the name of the conference)

-Fees cover the following:

  1. Certificate + Invoice + Badge
  2. Conference proceedings (with ISBN for copyright and academic promotion purposes) will publish on ECRC website after the conference date
  3. Bouffe snacks

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: 1/10/2019

Notification of acceptance:

Within two weeks upon receipt, a notification of acceptance is issued and e-mailed to the corresponding author should the paper is accepted for the conference.

Conference Venue

Turkey - Istanbul - Marmara University – Ilahiyat Fakültesi

Conference Program

To be announced a week prior to the conference opening ceremony

Conference Chair

Prof. Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani 

Conference Co-chair

Dr. Jarrah Alfadhli – Kuwait University

Conference Coordinator

Mr. Mohammad Adnan




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