Social/psychological Consultancy

ECRC offers highly professional social/psychological consultancies in order to assist individuals for psychological well-being and conscious socialization. The social/psychological services include:

- Scientific examination of social/psychological phenomena.

- Developing individual problem solving skills in order to foster proper social/psychological practices and proper approaches to phenomena that might negatively affect psychological well-being and social harmony.

Educational/pedagogical Consultancy

ECRC considers educational/pedagogical consultancies through developing learning/teaching skills for better education and through solving education-related problems. Educational/pedagogical consultancy services include:

- Scientific examination of education-related problems.

- Developing effective teaching skills and assisting learners to handle problems and difficulties hindering effective learning.

Family Consultancy

ECRC aims at offering family consultancies that contribute to enhance family awareness through fostering parental roles in supporting their children for a more fostered family. Family consultancy services include:

- Scientific examination of a Muslim family in order to determine what makes it a ‘fostered family.’

- Supporting parents and their children with skills that positively enhance the concept of a fostered family.

Shari’aa Consultancy

ECRC put into consideration the importance of Shari’aa consultancies that contribute to the accomplishment  of Islamic purposes that reform ths whole society. Shari’aa consultancy services include:

- Scientific examination of unprecedented issues in light of Islamic Fiqh.

- Proposing solutions and products that comply with Islamic purposes.

Administrative Consultancy

ECRC attempts to assist administrations in the Islamic World with recent models of effective administrative leadership. Administrative consultancy services include:

- Scientific evaluation of real administrations in order to determine strengths and weaknesses.

- Assist administrators with recent trends (theories and models) of effective administration. 


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