Advisory Board



Prof. Abdurrahman Ali ElhaJJi

Professor of the Biography of the noble Prophet, history and Andalusia - International Islamic University of sciences

He received a doctorate in Andalusian history from the University of Kemberg - England. He holds a Higher Diploma in Education and Psychology from Ain Shams University, Egypt. He holds a BA in Arabic Language, Literature and Islamic Studies from Cairo University - Egypt.

He worked at the University of Baghdad and other universities, especially the Gulf, including Kuwait University. He wrote in many daily newspapers and magazines. And provided programs, courses and lectures in a number of Western European countries and some Arab countries. He has authored and researched in Arabic, English, Italian and Spanish. In addition to many articles published in the newspapers of Arab and Gulf countries, especially the UAE. In addition to research published in several scientific journals. 

Prof. Sekdi Riad

Is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE, since 1992. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida, USA

Has extensive academic and administrative experience through his many years of teaching, research, and project management. He led several specialized committees that were focused on curriculum development and assessment.

Has published extensively including more than 85 refereed journal articles, 15 invited presentations, more than 50 scientific reports, and about 200 conference papers and presentations.  He has contributed to three scientific books and is currently authoring an undergraduate textbook.

Has supervised 18 Ph.D. and 25 Master students. Dr. Riad has been a director/principal investigator of more than 100 research projects. He holds two patents with practical industrial implementation.Held several lead positions at Virginia tech related to international collaboration and globalization. He has received several awards and noted honors.

Participated in strategic dialogues, workshops, and committees that were focused on modernization and development of education, scientific research, and information technology.

Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Momani

Professor, Amman Arab University, Jordan

Bachelor of Law and Master of the University of Jordan in 1986 and Master and Doctorate of Sorbonne University Paris in 1994. In Modern and Modern History. Lecturer at Amman Arab University from 1994 to Now. More than eight Courses in Sharia and civilization and speak 5 languages. He have 30 researches and arbitrators published. He have 20 books printed and supervised more than 20 students and discussed a similar number of university students.

Prof. Yosif Bani Yassin

Professor of Islamic History and Civilization in the College of Arts and Sciences at Qatar University and the Department of History in Jordan University.

Obtained his PhD in Jordan University where he taught history. He was appointed visiting professor in Qatar University in early 2014. Published more than thirty academic studies, mostly on Andalusian history and civilization during the Islamic period with special focus on the political, cultural and social aspects of this history.

Edited many books from the Islamic heritage, in particular, the Encyclopedia Massalek Al Absar Fi Mamalik Al Amsar by Ibn Fadhl Allah Al Omari (25), Fadhael Mouaouia Bin Al  Soufiane and Foutouh Al Sham by Al Azdi Al Basri as well as others. Published several history books among which The Science of History in Andalusia, Andalusia in the Works of Yakout Al Hamawi: A Comparative geographical Study,  Islamic Civilization, I am History as others.

His forthcoming publication is a supplement to Ibn Beshkoual’s Resources and a study on historical curricula in history departments in Jordan and the Arab Gulf countries.

Prof. Nouf Al-Tamimi

Professor in the fundamentals of Education - Department of  Educational Sciences - Faculty of Education - University of Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz - Kharj - Saudi Arabia

She received her PhD in Philosophy in the Origins of Education - Faculty of Social Sciences - Cardiff University - UK - 2002. 

Over 20 years of academic and leadership experience with many leadership positions. She has been a member of many boards and committees. Participated in the presentation of working papers as a keynote speaker in a number of conferences and seminars and managed number of workshops. also provided several training programs in the development of personal skills and the development of thinking skills and in the social, administrative and educational. She has published more than 14 scientific papers and has two printed books, including the courses and workshops she has submitted.


Dr. Saleh Samer Al-Dulaimi

Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sharjah University, UAE

He has supervised and discussed a series of Masters and PhD dissertations. He has collection of published scientific research papers and the author of the “History of Social Thought.” He have interests in social problems and social change, development issues, globalization and their impact on. social reality



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