European Center for Research & Consultancy (ECRC), a non-profit independent center established by committed academicians and professionals, unites an interdisciplinary array of researchers and professionals from across diverse disciplines to provide the depth and scale of research and consultancy needed to affect academic research, professional development in meaningful ways, and aimed directly at developing the whole society. ECRC looks more broadly at research and consultancy through novelty and diversity in order to better understand how to promote research opportunities and individuals’ long-run well-being and success. ECRC’ ultimate goal is developing the next generation who holds great promise for the continual improvement of their societies. Through ECRC, all stakeholders will gain exposure to a broad range of disciplinary perspectives and a deep understanding of the realities of their societies.

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A "call for papers" for a special issue of an international Scopus indexed journal

European Centre for Research and Consultancy (ECRC) and Ez-zitouna University – Tunisia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU)

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